Well situated on the Missouri River, Kansas City is a vibrant city with lots of energy. It has a mix of Midwestern charm and big-city perks. That combo has made it popular– both with people who want to move there, and investors who are looking to buy property in town. In fact, among Missouri cities, only St. Louis is bigger than Kansas City.

In our article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what makes Kansas City such a great place to live – and give you lots of information if you’re thinking about moving to town or buying a house or apartment here!

The Appeal of Kansas City

There are many reasons why more than 500,000 people have chosen Kansas City as their sweet home. It has something for everyone– from the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet to a thriving arts scene, amazing food and affordable cost of living. 

Plus, because it’s so slap bang in the middle of the US, there’s nowhere easier to get to by car. Plane-wise, its airport (MCI, now known as KCI) is a hub with plenty of connections nationwide. And when you arrive or leave by road, you’ll probably spot that classic welcome sign: “Welcome to Missouri! The Show Me State.

Kansas City Is A Nice Place To Live Most Of The Year

Kansas City offers a great quality of life. It is affordable, there are good jobs available and plenty of things for families to do. In fact, the city regularly scores well on national rankings that compare these factors across US cities– making it attractive to young professionals as well as those with kids or who have retired (or thinking about it). Kansas ranked 25th for affordability, 19th for the economy, 27th for education and health, 22nd for quality of life, and 26th for safety, with an average quality of life rank of 20th among 50 other US cities.

Kansas also has loads of free space where you can enjoy being outside- including the massive Swope Park (which covers 1,805 acres). The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and The National World War I Museum & Memorial is an absolute must-visit if world-class museums are your thing. And speaking of outdoor activities, don’t forget that KC sits on the banks of the Missouri River: hiking, biking and boating are all possible options!

Kansas City’s Job Market Is Strong

Kansas City is recognized for both its lively culture and strong economy. The city boasts a variety of major firms in sectors like finance, healthcare, technology, logistics and manufacturing. Cerner Corporation, Hallmark Cards and H&R Block are among the largest employers here.

Due to its central location plus excellent transport links, Kansas City plays a crucial role in commerce; it has long been a logistics hub. Today, the Port Authority is working to develop the Missouri River as an “inland waterway” that can carry freight barges! 

Their aim is to boost trade while providing additional business opportunities along the river’s edge. With good job prospects and low unemployment rates, the area attracts young professionals who want to build careers, as well as families looking for steady work opportunities!

The Real Estate Market in Kansas City is Exponentially Growing 

Affordability and Value

Kansas City is now a hotspot for real estate investment because property prices are low and there is potential for values to increase. Zillow data shows that the median home cost in Kansas City is slightly below the US average ($220k vs $412k)– and there are a slew of homes on sale at all price points. Compared with other big cities, buying property in Kansas is cheaper up front and gives better value for money too. The real estate market provides a wide range of neighborhoods suitable for different lifestyles:

Real Estate Market Insights

In the past few years, Kansas City has seen a consistent rise in property values. But there aren’t enough homes for sale to meet demand- which means prices are going up, though not as quickly as you might expect given these market conditions. That’s because this heartland city with a steadily growing housing sector didn’t get slammed by the 2008 financial crisis quite as hard some other places did– rendering it potentially profitable for real estate investors looking at long-term gains from rental income or property sales. The typical home in Kansas City is worth $241,905- an increase of 6.7% over last year. If they’re priced right, houses here tend to go under contract within 5 days of hitting the market.

Buying Process

Buying real estate in Kansas City is relatively straightforward, but it is always beneficial to seek guidance from a local real estate agent who knows the area’s intricacies. First-time buyers can expect lower closing costs compared to other major cities due to Missouri’s low property taxes and fees (1% of assessed property value). Similar to most markets, the peak season for real estate transactions in Kansas City is during spring and summer when more inventory becomes available. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no good deals available outside of these seasons; diligent buyers can still find great properties at excellent values anytime throughout the year.

Living in Kansas City

Kansas City offers its citizens an abundance of cultural and recreational activities– whether they like culture, sports, or just being outdoors.

For example, you can visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (which is free) or see a show at Starlight Theatre; both are world-famous venues. The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts also has amazing performances all year round. If you prefer outdoor activities, then KC won’t disappoint you: there are lots of parks and green spaces. Swope Park is one of the biggest city parks in America, while Loose Park is an iconic spot, too. Sports fans have plenty to keep them busy in Kansas City. You can watch NFL American football (Chiefs), baseball (Royals) or soccer (Sporting KC)– all of them play in the top professional leagues!

Education and Healthcare Are Some Of Kansas’s Calling Cards

If your family is thinking about relocating to Kansas City, you’ll be happy to know there are great educational options for students at every level. Some of the most notable public schools include:

In addition to top-rated public schools in the area’s school districts, there are also private institutions like Rockhurst High School and Pembroke Hill School that offer exceptional schooling. Apart from public and private schools, Kansas is also home to some of the best Universities in the US:

Kansas City has a strong healthcare system with several large hospitals serving the area. Saint Luke’s Health System and the University of Kansas Hospital are two standout choices.

Community and Lifestyle

Kansas City is hailed for its friendly residents who prioritize community spirit. A lot of neighborhoods throw events and activities that help people feel like they belong. There are many festivals and parades each year that celebrate the fact of this city’s cultural diversities- for example, the famous St. Patrick’s Day Parade as well as PrideFest events with LGBTQ+ themes. In fact, Kansas City has a strong LGBTQ+ population; you can find its main area for bars and businesses that cater to this group in Westport!

Transportation and Accessibility

The robust transportation system in Kansas City makes it easy to get around– both within the city and beyond. In addition to having its very own international airport (KCI), Kansas City also boasts excellent public transport options, such as bus services operated by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA). 

Major highways link up with other parts of Missouri and neighboring states, too, so whether you’re heading out on the town or further afield, road travel should be a breeze. Rush-hour traffic can slow things down occasionally (as it does everywhere), but don’t worry: overall, this metropolis provides stress-free commuting when compared with many other American cities.

Overall Conclusion on Living And Buying Real Estate in Kansas City

Overall, residing in and purchasing property in Kansas City appeals to a lot of people. The city boasts excellent living standards, a variety of residential areas, and good prospects for work– plus there is always something going on; it has a rich cultural scene. 

What’s more, living costs are low, so if you do decide to buy here, your money will go further than in many other US cities. Kansas City also has a stable housing market: prices have risen steadily over the past few years, and further growth is predicted. This means investors have an opportunity to make money from their properties as they appreciate in value. If making a profit isn’t that important to you, but being part of a friendly community is, then don’t worry; this place still fits the bill!

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